We’re comic fans, doing this for the love of the game. We enjoy these characters, from both DC and Marvel comics (and our random pop culture references), and have especially come to enjoy Misters Hulk and Bizarro, as we’ve woven them into our parody comic tapestry. So yeah, please don’t sue us, it’s just for good fun.

Jason Danzeisen Writer

Jason Danzeisen

Writer & Curmudgeon

A fantastical font of sarcasm, wit, and an encyclopedic knowledge of Marvel & DC history (Well, at least he possess copies of “Who’s Who” and “The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe”, that’s just as good).

Miichael David Nelsen Writer & Artist

Michael David Nelsen

Writer, Artist, Hack Jokester

A writer and artist of many different comic book stories over the years at various publishers, he’s also a graphic designer and web developer (which is why he can make fun of Jason in the HvB site and he can’t stop him).