Home is Where the Hulk is Part One


The Red Skull is finally ready unleash his master plan!! But he’s not really sure what it is. Something about taking over the city, or the world, or gold, I dunno. Super Villains! Am I right?! Also, all the displaced Captin Americas are still here from across parallel universes. We got some Movie Cap, and […]

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Just Like Old times


Re-imagining the very first HvB strip from way-back-when. Now with enhanced CGI. Sort of a Special Edition, if you will, with 88% less suckage. But also a totally new narrative. So less a re-imagining and more a hostile reboot. Or more like when they take old comics and reprint them with updated coloring. Or like […]

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Superhero-Size Me


Continuing Hulk’s jocular, jobless journey since getting fired from the original Hulk vs Bizarro comic strip, we find the jolly giant taking up work at a Chinese/Mexican-fusion fast-food eatery. In the first panel, we see what we call “Drunk Iron Man” from his time as an alcoholic in the ’80s followed by Blob making a […]

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